Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trying to focus on the ups

Boy have these past few weeks been packed with ups and downs.

It all started on August 9th, my last day of work!! Definitely bittersweet. Excited for freedom, but sad about no more $$$ flow. Twas still an interesting day at work nevertheless, a girl dropped right in front of me and had a seizure... Uh what?! So me, medical terminology class graduate, was put to the test. I got her back conscious and she stood up and continued shopping as if nothing had happened. Alright!

After work I went to my friend Jordan's house to finish off our Lord of the Rings marathons. Unfortunately I had to cut out early because it was midnight and I had not yet packed for my vacation that I was leaving for in just 5 short hours. Whoops! When I arrived home, I found my mother frantically jumping in the car. Come to find out, my grandpa was extremely sick in the hospital. And after the doctors did everything they could, they didn't think he was going to make it through the night. So I jumped in the car and we raced to the hospital. Just 20 minutes after we arrived he passed away. It was hard seeing him like this, but I have a very strong testimony about the plan of salvation and I know that I will see him again. I pray that one day he accepts the Gospel there in the Spirit world.

We arrived home at 3:30 am to my still unpacked bags. My parents went off to bed as I hurriedly grabbed, stuffed and sat on my clothes to make them fit. Fortunately I got a good hour of sleep in before our long journey started. My mom and I got in the car the next morning to start our 16 hour drive to the beautiful California!

California in a nut shell: Disneyland & my Grandma's pool. Could it get any better? The first week in Cali was my mom, Alli, Kiko of course, and I. We were ladies of leisure that week! My sister and I went to Disneyland once that week and destroyed the park and pins. We are now dangerous pin traders, beware! We went to Disneyland 3 times the following week with the whole fam, and our Disneyland newbie Micah! Now you see, our cousin is the stage manager (aka top dog) for 3 major shows, fantasmic, fireworks, and mickey's magical map. So she was able to get us VIP seats for 3 shows! Fantasmic, mickey's magical map, and the AMAZING Aladdin show in California adventure. We are so blessed.

After 2 awesome weeks in Cali, we were able to come back just in time (arrived home at 2 am Sunday morning, blehhh) to hear both of my best friends mission farewell talks in church. And boy was that a tear jerk-er! They are both going to be AMAZING missionaries, I'm so proud of them!

This brings us to this morning. Today was my grandpa Tom's funeral. It was a beautiful military service honoring his life. I am proud to be his granddaughter. I will miss him playing his accordion and his infectious smile! I love you papa!

Remember my friend Jordan I mentioned earlier? Well him and my other friend Rigo have been taking the missionary discussions! I am so happy that they both have taken this leap of faith. Rodrigo wants to get baptized!! But he might have to wait until he is 18. As for Jordan, he is progressing and has mentioned to me that he believes Mormonism is the truest church. I love spreading the gospel with those I love. I used to be scared to be rejected, especially by my friends. But it is not our place to decide if they will accept the Gospel or not. It is our job as Latter Day Saints to spread the gospel, so why not start with those you know? Missionary work comes naturally with your testimony, as you see God's hand in your life, you will have that natural desire to share the gospel with others. I challenge each and everyone of you to reach out and invite others unto this gospel. This gospel is true!!

Love you all!

(I leave 4 weeks from today for my mission!)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mission Clothes: Part 2

Another shameless fashion post...

I went to Utah just a few weeks ago and went on a mission clothes shopping spree!!

Dress: Sister Missionary Mall
Shoes: Jcpenny
Dress: Pac Sun
Sweater: GAP
Shoes: Payless
Hair: Sock bun!!! PERFECT easy mission hair!
Shirt: Kohls
Skirt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Payless
Shirt: Forever 21. LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt!
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Betsey Johnson (so cute right?!)
My arm candy.
Watch: Nordstrom ($20!!)
Bracelet was a graduation present :)

Let me know what you think!!