Friday, July 4, 2014

Transfer 7 week 1

Each week as I write the transfer date as the subject I feel older and older. I remember when I was in my first few transfers and I thought I would never be a 7th transfer, and here I am... feeling like I just got here yesterday. Time is odd, especially on a mission.
A lot has happened since I last emailed you. I've seen Nana and papa Cook, Cassey Gonzales (but I guess she just got married last week), Angela Reed and Jane Thomas! It's been awhile since I've seen anyone I know, so it was good to see all of you. Also, we spoke in a ward this last Sunday, and are now serving in the Beehive house! Pretty different this transfer. Last transfer we were just serving on the Square, but we are LOVING our time in the Beehive house.
The beehive house is definitely an interesting place in the summer. Because not only do we have tours every 6 minutes, but we also have lots of anti's and modern day polygamists come through. So it definitely keeps our tours interesting. To serve in the Beehive house you have to have a strong testimony about 3 things; modern day prophets/revelation, the role of families, and polygamy. Almost every other question has to do with Polygamy. So if you ever have any questions about it; I'm your girl. I've heard them all, and I could help you resolve that. But anyways, I love the Beehive house because it's so cool to see how Gospel principles bridge to the history of the church. That's a lot of what we do here at Temple Square, we take the history and bridge gospel principles to it.
We had a really cool experience this week in between shifts at the beehive. We were assigned to be at the Assembly hall, and so the first people who came in the door were Brasilian so Sister Rangel took them to the front and started teaching them. So I talked to pretty much every other single person that came in, with no luck. Until a guy from China came in and asked how someone joins the church. Batta bing, batta boom. This is who I was waiting for! Or so I thought. He spoke pretty good English, but for some reason could not understand a word I was saying. And then one of our Sisters from China walks by and he was beside himself. They go off and start teaching him in mandarin. Which leaves me alone again, with no one to teach! But then my companion came back to the door with the two Brasilians and asks if we can take them on a tour, of courseeee! We took them to the Temple Model and talked about sealings, and then took them to my absolute favorite place; God's plan. A short video that talks about how the Gospel blesses families. We went in with them and another couple who were members who wanted to see it. At the end, we were all in tears. The members both started testifying about eternal families and what a blessing that knowledge has been in their lives. And they said something that these two Brasilian girls needed to hear, because at that moment it went from a desire to know about the church, to a desire to do anything to have their own eternal family. And this is exactly what the Temple Square visitors center is for. To help people to have not just a good experience, but a life changing experience. And that is through living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be serving here, because we truly do see so many miracles. We get over 6 million visitors here a year, and I hope that each of them will return home with more than just pictures and memories. But rather return home with a change and motivation in heart and mind, determined to do whatever it takes to come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love this Gospel, and I love seeing the change it continues to make in my life and the life of others. There is no experience like being a missionary, and I am glad that I have the opportuinity to share these experiences with you. I love you all!!

Sister Brock

one of my favorite Asians, Sister MA! She just left for outbound to Las Vegas.

Not too happy about walking in to the doctors and seeing this...

Explore day last Tuesday at the Church History Museum! 
Side note: I was using crutches this day right after my surgery, and that was NOT a good idea. My arms turned black and blue after that. Was rolling in a wheelchair for the next few days.