Thursday, September 5, 2013

Armor of God

Today I was reading in Alma, and something really stuck out to me in chapters 43 and 44. The Lamanites are again planning to bear arms against the Nephites, the Lord prepares Moroni and his armies (Nephites) and tells them of what is going to come to past, and they prepare by arming up. This made me think of the Armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6:11-17. It refers to how we as Saints should be armored in righteousness (breastplate), truth (loins), word of God (sword), salvation (helmet), preparation of the Gospel (shoes), and most importantly faith (shield). The Nephites were not only armed physically, but spiritually as well. They were clothed in the Armor of God. There is not one great or grand thing they did to arm them spiritually. They simply added small, individual pieces of armor each day through prayer, faith, and righteousness. And because of their diligence to the Lord's commandments, he prepared them for what was lying ahead. Now the Lamanites were not prepared, in chapter 43 verse 20 it says "Now the army of Zerahemnah was not prepared with any such thing; they had only their swords and their cimeters, their bows and their arrows, their stones and their slings; and they were naked..." They had not prepared themselves spiritually to be clothed in the Armor of God. They were not a faithful or righteous people. Therefore they were naked, and faced with their own condemnation from their hard hearts and ghastly intentions. They were brought to the hands of the Nephites, who were merciful and offered to spare their lives in return for their promise to not try to slay the Nephites. The Lamanites, after more blood shed, agreed and scattered in the wilderness. 

We as members of the church need to work everyday to clothe ourselves with the armor of God. As we stay faithful and righteous, he will prepare us for any battle we may face. I love the scriptures. I love Joseph Smith. And I love this gospel.

The Book of Mormon is awesome!
Learn it. Love it. Preach it.