Thursday, March 5, 2015

Transfer 12 week 6

Last week of my last transfer. I feel like I'm going to vomit.

This week was absolutely spectacular! And I want to share two highlights with you:

1. Once upon a time there was an investigator named Nelly, she was being taught by two of the coolest Sister missionaries on planet Earth. Their names were Sister Brock and Sister Jin! Now Nelly lives in Zimbabwe, and has been meeting with the local missionaries for awhile. She is so faithful and keeps all of her commitments! They don't have copies of the Book of Mormon available for her, so she reads it on the computer. She has been dying to get her own copy! So last time the coolest sisters ever called her, they had promised that they would send her a quad.... to Zimbabwe.... on a missionary budget... they were either not thinking or were promising by the spirit! So later that afternoon, these Sisters are walking on Temple Square and run into 3 of the most famous members of the church. They are professional golfers and have a non-profit organization centered in Africa, ironically Zimbabwe. Reeve, one of the golfers, told these sisters that her father had just passed away and she was heading back to Zimbabwe for his funeral in a few days. The sisters had then had a thought pop into their head about Nelly, "What if we could send the quad with Reeve?" So they proposed the idea to her and to their surprise, she knows Nelly!!! She is friends with the member who referred her to us. So she gave us her address and we are dropping off the quad to her apartment tomorrow for her to take it to Nelly in Zimbabwe. (This is where I stop writing in 3rd person). This was an absolute miracle, and I know God is completely aware of Nelly and the work we are doing. It is almost completely unlikely that this sequence of events would happen without God in the mix! I do not know how please justify dealings and events for just being "ironic". But God truly is in charge of this work, and he is using each and everyone of us, not just missionaries, to bring others unto Christ.

2. Just yesterday we had an amazing experience with a recent convert and his family on Temple Square. His name is Connor, and he was adopted from China. His family has adopted 6 kids from China and have 3 of their own! And the kids from China are each disabled in someway, as for Connor and his sister Lexy, they are blind. So when we were watching Meet the Mormons with them yesterday, Sister Jin sat with Connor and translated it all into Mandarin, and I sat with Lexy and explained in English everything that was happening. It was such a sweet experience! This family is similar to one that Sister Yeung and I taught earlier on in my mission, the Walkers. And you can truly feel a different spirit about both of these families; simply filled with so much love. As we were walking through the visitors center, I guiding Lexy by grasped hands and Sister Jin guiding Connor, we could feel how people were watching us and recognizing the difference in this sweet family. They are an example to the nations. And I am so grateful for this wonderful family, and the sacrifices they make to bless countless lives. They truly have made a difference in mine! I'll send a picture with them.

Well that's about it for me this week. I'll get to email you next week in the evening for a short while. It's transfer conference day, zone leader accountability, and Sister Jin and I are going down to Provo for her to have an interview at BYU Law School. So we'll be back in the evening sometime, just in time for us to send a quick email and finish packing.

I love y'all and hope you have a stellar week!

Sister Brock