Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transfer 12 week 3

Another absolutely wonderful week! We have really been working hard this transfer to get out of the office and make time to teach our investigators, because we truly have so so so many investigators this transfer! If all goes as planned, we should have 8 investigators get baptized this transfer, and about 7 ready for next transfer. So we're really excited about them!

I want to tell y'all a little bit about one of our investigators who is getting baptized this weekend, his name is Matthew. Now Matthew is 20 and currently lives in Reno, Nevada. One of his friends gave him a Book of Mormon over 3 years ago, and he simply put it aside. Then this year he started looking at colleges that he wanted to transfer to, and his top 2 were in Utah. So he knew that he needed to figure out what the Mormons were all about. So he began by reading the Book of Mormon, and he said that as soon as he read even the first sentence in the introduction, he felt something. Something he had never felt before, and he craved it, so much that he finished the Book of Mormon within just a few weeks. He came onto chat with questions that he had formulated, and ended up going to church the very next week. Interestingly enough, it was fast Sunday! And he got up to bear his testimony about the Book of Mormon... yes on his very first Sunday attending church. This guy absolutely amazes me. He is the 'low-hanging fruit' that as missionaries we should be looking for. He is one who will build the kingdom of God. He recorded his testimony and sent it to me, and it will be one of the most treasured things I will bring home from my mission.

Just yesterday, we had our 'finish strong' meeting for all of us departing sisters. It felt very surreal. But we were able to make goals and set plans for how we want to finish our missions, because I know that no matter how we start our missions we can always finish off strong. And it shows more of your character of how you finish your mission rather than how you began. But something that I've realized recently was not just how you 'finish' but how you continue. Some people who come home from their mission have a hard time 'adjusting'. But the way we live as missionaries is a lifestyle, and it should simply continue as we move to the next phase of our lives. An Elder I know who has recently come home from his mission had expressed to me that he has shared the Gospel almost as much as he did while he was on his mission. Now that truly is a sign of a wonderful finish and follow through! So I had been thinking, what can I do these last few weeks to make sure that I have a strong follow through? And my first thought was prayer. I pray countless times everyday; by myself, with my companion, with investigators, etc. But the more personal, sincere and meaningful I can make them, the better off I will be after my mission. So one goal that Sister Jin and I have set for the rest of this transfer is to take 30 minutes out of our lunch hour, kneel down in our office and completely open up to our Heavenly Father in earnest prayer. Now I have to admit, praying for 30 minutes was not easy at first, especially on my poor knees! But directly after, Sister Jin and I went up onto the Square and in just 5 minutes found 2 different new investigators. We were simply running and errand to one of the visitors centers, but because we were so in tune with the spirit, we were able to find amazing opportunities to share the Gospel. One of those new investigators is an exchange student from China, who lives locally and wants to be baptized! Sister Jin was also an exchange student in Washington and joined the church while she was there. And not only was this prayer so beneficial for our missionary work, but for me personally. I have never felt so light. So clear. So joyful. as I did in those minutes of prayer. I know that God heard me, and that He truly wants to give us peace and help in our lives, but it isn't until we slow down for a few minutes and kneel down that we will receive it. I have a firm testimony about prayer, and I know that this is something I will rely on for the rest of my life. 

That's about it for me this week. We have a busy week ahead with another MLC, exchanges with all of the Zone Leaders, and Sister Jin and I are moving to a new appartment! We cannot tell you how excited we are for this... we are testing out the stellar new apartments that the mission is getting next transfer. Two bedroom, two bathroom, exercise room, large kitchen, shall I go on? We are living large. haha have a wonderful week my friends!

Much love,
Sister Brock 

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