Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfer 5 week 4!

You can call me Aunty Gretchen!! YES! I can finally tell people that I'm going to be an AUNT! Garrett and Micah are going to have a baby :) 

Last weekend was Easter! What a great time to share the Gospel with all of those around us, especially at Temple Square. During Christmas and Easter a lot more people are open to a message about Jesus Christ; which is unfortunate, it should be that way all year round! So the church put out a video called 'Because of Him' this Christmas season. And it is so powerful! I cried while watching it; though I cry almost over everything that touches my heart. But the church advertised it on the front page of Youtube on Easter! The video was linked to chat, and so we were getting A TON of chats all weekend! We had scheduled times in our Teaching Center time where we just took chats! And normally we can take 2 at a time, but for the weekend we were able to take 5 at a time! So since Sister Jensen and I have an office, we took chats for a good amount of the day. We found SO MANY new investigators. Even ran into someone that was with Jeff Kidd! Small world. But just like it was mentioned in General Conference numerous times, technology is a source to spread the Gospel. I love Brother Ridds talk in the Priesthood session entitled "The Choice Generation." He talked about the uses of technology and how it is to be used for good, and 'Because of Him' is a perfect example of how technology can be used in the right way. To bring people happiness because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

We had a miracle with one of our former investigators this week.Her name is Jane! She is 18 and was very interested in the Gospel a few months back. It was difficult to get a hold of her, and when we finally did she was very straightforward and dropped us. Well just 2 days later she called us back and left us a message saying that she thinks she made a mistake, that she can't get the Gospel off her mind. And she would like us to call her back right away! So we called and she shared an amazing story with us. She said that that weekend she had gone out and gotten drunk with her friends, she had never done this before. And the next day when she was hung over she was taking a shower, just feeling absolutely horrible, and she remembers thinking "Man, the Mormons have this right!" And then she had a flash of the Temple in her mind and passed out. If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is! She said she prayed that night and said that if she is supposed to learn more, she would run into the missionaries the next day. And guess what happens, she ran into the missionaries! She was too scared to talk to them though, so she called us instead. She is back on track and wants to join the church! We just have to get her parents on board. She is truly an inspiration. 

This week I have really been trying to get caught up on General Conference talks, and the ones that have really stuck out to me where the ones I've read from the Priesthood session. If you haven't had the chance to read or watch those, I strongly suggest you do so; immediately. Elder Oaks talk entitled "The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood" is possibly the best talk about the Priesthood, ever. He is so clear and straightforward about the authority of the Priesthood. I myself have never had a problem with not holding the Priesthood, but a lot of women have. They feel like they are being put beneath the men in importance; but Elder Oaks hit it right on target when he said that we must forget about our rights and focus on our responsibilities. Before I read this talk, I thought to myself "What blessings do you Gretchen receive from the Priesthood?" My list included: Sacrament, blessings of healing, setting apart as a missionary, Baptism, Temple Ordinances, and eventually a husband that will be worthy to administer when the Priesthood is needed. I can't imagine my life without the Priesthood. Often times I have always skipped over talks or scriptures concerning the Priesthood, because I thought "Well, I don't have the Priesthood. So why does it matter to me?" But the Priesthood is such a huge part in my life! Everything I do is because of the priesthood, because that is the strongest symbol of God's love for me personally. I know that we all better need to understand the Priesthood, because it is a connection to God, not only for those that hold the keys. "These subjects are of equal concern to men and to women." He explained the difference so clearly between holding the keys and having the authority, he quoted "Those who have priesthood keys.. literally make it possible for all (not just men) who serve faithfully under their direction to exercise priesthood authority and have access to priesthood power." Priesthood authority is available to everyone, but we must do as Elder Oaks advises and forget about our rights and concentrate on our responsibilities! As women, President Reuben Clark said "The greatest power God has given to His sons cannot beexercised without the companionship of one of His daughters, because only to His daughters hasGod given the power to be a creator of bodies… so that God’s design and the Great Plan mightmeet fruition." We are not only here to be "bearers of the Priesthood" but to raise a righteous generation that will be able to partake of the blessings of the Priesthood. I want my kids to feel even more love than I do for the Priesthood. To understand what the role of the Priesthood is in their lives. And that begins with me; what I value and hold dear in life will become their desires. "What we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become and what we receive in eternity.. Only by educating and training our desires can they become our allies instead of our enemies." -Neal A. Maxwell. What do each of us insistently desire? Do we cleave onto righteousness? Do we seek the blessings of the Priesthood in our lives? I hope and pray that we will all understand the role of the Priesthood in our lives more abundantly.
I love you all and hope you had a great week!

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