Saturday, May 24, 2014

Transfer 6 week 2

"Family, Friends and Peers-" (Elder Kunzler, you read my mind)

Well this week has been a full one! Full of finding, teaching, and more finding. We have tried to establish a good teaching pool, and that means continually finding. We have taken every tour we can and have looked for every opportunity to teach on the Square.
This week we had an amazing mission tour by Elder Clarke. He is a very inspired man. He gave our last mission tour (an 8 hour training) and he shared almost the exact same thing he did last time. But boy am I grateful he did! It's like the scriptures, no matter how many times you read or hear it, you always get something new out of it. This week I want to study and ponder more on the things he shared with us, and I will give you a outline next week.
Just yesterday we had a very unique and spiritual tour. We were walking on the Square when someone approached us, it is none other than Cody, the guy I sat next to at general conference! He asked us to take him on a tour, and we happily obliged. We began at the Temple model, where he simply touched the glass, closed his eyes, and meditated. Peaceful moment for him. We then headed toward the North Visitors center, passing many people along the way. But one person caught his attention, a lady sitting in the grass with a beautiful baby. He quickly knelt down next to her, put his hand on her shoulder and told her "Never lose hope..." God's plan for his family was the next destination. Before he would watch it, he wanted to read "The Family Proclamation" and his Patriarchal blessing. So we waited... and waited, until he was finished reading. Upon entering the video presentation, he quickly knelt directly in front of the televisions, dismissing the seats. As we moved from room to room, we continued to sit or stand directly in front of the tv, "to get the full effect." When the presentation was finished, he turned around with tear filled eyes. We sat outside that video for almost 40 minutes, helping him to greater understand his purpose in life. Which concluded with him saying "You both wouldn't know this, but you just answered something in my patriarchal blessing." We wanted to end at the Christus. He said that he had never been to the Christus because he had never felt ready to see it; "I am ready now." We had him close his eyes, and we guided him to the feet of the Savior. Upon opening his eyes, he again fell to his knees. We played the audio of the Saviors words. Now the spirit was so strong, and I felt the impression to go sit next to him as it concluded. Well I did, and as I did, he directly stood up! So there I sit, alone, in front of the Savior and about 50 people behind me... this moment wasn't awkward at all for me. But we all shared our testimonies of the Savior with each other, and he then entered the Temple to do baptisms.
Looking back at this experience, it was one of the funniest and most spirit filled tours I've ever taken. Although his ways of worship are not like most, they were done with such sincerity. He has felt the Saviors love in his life! And he does not let anything come in the way of that. He is a great example to me. There were many times in my life where I let things come in the way of the Gospel. Where I let worldly influences sway my decisions or my appearance. But "It is impossible to stand upright when one plants his roots in the shifting sands of popular opinion and approval." (President Monson). How many times in life do we let the world sway our decisions? Is it really that strange that someone would meditate over the Temple? Or want to help a random stranger regain hope? Or fall to their knees to worship our Savior? No, it's really not. But the shifting sand of popular opinions are swaying our decisions and perspective.
I will not let my testimony or witness of the Saviors reality and love be swayed by the world. I know that this is his true gospel on the Earth, and that through it, we can be together with our families forever. There is NOTHING that I would let get in the way of that. Family is everything to me. That is how I most strongly feel my Saviors love. This Gospel is true. Families are forever. And I get to share this message with everyone. I am truly blessed!
That's all for me this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Brock

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