Saturday, June 14, 2014

Transfer 6 week 5

Hello friends and family! 
I cannot believe how fast my mission and especially this transfer has flown by! It is pretty frightening.

EXPLORE DAY: Explore day is for 1st transfer sisters to see the church sites and other major sites around the city. We spent half of our day on Tuesday going to heritage park (which is where Brigham Young said "This is the Place") and because we are so smart, we went on the hottest day of the week. And by hottest day of the week, I mean I was dying of heat. I'm from Oregon, and I am very familiar with rain, not the sun. Anyway, we walked around and saw a few monuments and then headed INDOORSand went to the Utah State Capitol Building. We took a trip to the bathroom and we ran into the Governors secretary. She took us to the Governors roped off office and took pictures of us in the Governors chair, pretty cool! Then she showed us some of the most adorable pictures of her grandson serving his mission in Zimbabwe. And if you know me at all, you know that I have been dying for my parents to adopt a little boy from Africa. So pictures of little African kids kill me.
Dermatologist: Yesterday we went to the dermatologist to have them look at my keloid scars and check over my skin before summer. I've had keloid scars before that they injected to make them go down. So that's what they did with my 3 scars from my skin biopsy's last year, and my recent surgery. They haven't gone down quite yet, but supposedly they will in due time. But can I just say, that those are some of the most painful shots I've ever had! Putting needles into very hard tissue is not fun. But the fun doesn't end there! They also checked over my skin and found 5 spots that they were worried about, so I got 5 moles removed and they are doing biopsy's on them to see if they need to dig out more skin. I should have the results by next week, so stay tuned!
MIRACLES: This week was a week of miracles! We have been teaching a family in Brasil who are some of the most faithful people I know. They live 3 hours away from the nearest church, but each Sunday they invite all of their friends and family over to their house to study the Book of Mormon. We have been teaching them for about 4 weeks now and have been at a stump, trying to figure out how we can help this family. We have fasted and prayed for them countless times, but with no apparent results. That is, until Tuesday night! We called Eliane, the mother, and she was so excited that we called! She immediately told us that she had arrived back to her neighborhood and found 4 Elders searching for her! They were excited to announce that the church had bought a house and the first church service in this city was going to be held this Sunday!!!! This means, that this family, and all of their friends can now join the church and attend each week. This came as an absolute shock to Sister Rangel and I! But we know that God is so aware of His children. We know that he will provide a way for each of us to keep his commandments. He hears our prayers; I can promise that he is listening! Because this is just one example of many that I have seen and experienced. It is amazing to be on a mission, and to continue to reaffirm your faith everyday. No matter how many people try to tear down this church, I keep getting built higher and higher each day. There is no way that I could ever deny these miracles and experiences that I have had on my mission. But these experiences and miracles aren't just meant for missionaries, we are all entitled to our own witness of the reality of our Savior Jesus Christ, of His teachings and His Gospel. I am a witness and a testimony of the reality of this Gospel, it is Jesus Christ's church. I know that my Savior lives, and still performs miracles today. Partake of His goodness for yourself, come unto Him.
I wish I had more time to share more of our miracles with you. But I am grateful for each of your love and support of me! It keeps me going through the challenging times. I love you all!!

Sister Brock

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