Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Transfer 9 week 4

This week was pretty good. I ended up getting pretty sick this week, so I was out with another sister who has meningitis. They let me loose on Friday before zone conference. Sister Clark and I gave a training on teaching skills summed up in 4 D's: Doctrine, Declare, Discuss, and Discern. It went pretty well considering I had a huge cough attack right before our training.

Saturday was a very interesting and amazing day. Started off with a huge thunder storm, which made the power go out. It was a little frightening considering I am terrified of thunder/lightening, and there were sirens and alarms going off for over 4 hours. Nonetheless, it turned out to be an amazing day! We didn't have many appointments in the afternoon, so we were visiting some potentials. No luck. So we were walking back to our car when we see a woman and her son unloading a truck. We immediately jump on the opportunity! Most people are very reluctant and hesitant to have 3 young girls help them unload things. But thankfully, she was in desperate need. We help her and her 15 year old son unload the truck and she immediately starts telling us about her life. Both of her parents have passed away in the last 6 months, and shortly after she lost her job and her house. Just now, she is starting to get her feet under her and she got a job and a new apartment. She had been going to another church for the past year, but hasn't gone for the past 2 weeks because she doesn't like the pastor. We started explaining about our church services, and she especially liked the youth programs in the church! She told us that her son wants to be around people with good values, and was asking her a couple weeks ago to buy him a Bible. So we gave them a Book of Mormon to read. They are both amazing and I am so excited to see what happens with them both. That night we went to an awesome baptism for some people that we have been helping the Elders in our ward with, they are amazing and I am so excited to see them go to the Temple one year from now!! Sorry this email is so short, hopefully the pictures make up for it! I love y'all, have a great week!

Sister Brock

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