Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Transfer 9 week 5

Sister McGinty, a recent convert

my district! 

Another glorious week!
My brother and his wife had their baby, little Braxton. I love him so much already! Definitely feeling the mission baby blues right now, I just want to hold him so bad. But he is beautiful, and sounds like he is doing better! 

Last p-day was super fun! Typically for p-day we play volleyball and basketball with our zone. But this one we mixed it up and went to a members house to play capture the flag in the woods in their backyard. It adds a new intensity when you need to stay within sight and sound of your companion, especially in a trio... but it was so much fun! Our team was all the assistants, and we creamed them. 

Last week we found a new investigator who has so much potential. His name is TJ. He's probably about 28 and keeps asking us, why did you choose to talk to me? Why me? Why am I so special that you wanted to share this with me? We show up for our appointment, brought a member and everything, knock knock knock. No answer. Then we get a call from him, saying that he was 2 minutes away and to not leave. When he gets home, we have a super powerful lesson. We simply taught the restoration and it had such great application to him! He was engaged and excited about it. He's also a cop! So hopefully we can get a tour of the jail one day... I'm excited to continue to teach him from Temple Square next week.
We also have a great investigator named Brother James! I met him last transfer in the parking lot of an apartment complex. When we introduced ourselves, he called himself Brother James, and he will forever be Brother James. He talks A LOT, so sometimes it is hard to guide the lesson with him. But something that my companions and I have been working on the past few weeks is what we call the 4 Ds in teaching. Discern, discuss, doctrine, declare. The 4 things that you need when you are teaching. And with brother James, it is definitely a lot more of discussing rather than a 'missionary discussion'. At church yesterday, the Elders told us that he spoke up in priesthood and gave a powerful comment, about how we are in the world but can't be of the world. He's so great! Even when he showed up to church, he was sitting with a member, and everyone thought he was a member! He showed up in a white shirt and tie. He's so great. 

This week is going to be an absolutely amazing week. We have a mission tour with Elder Hamula of the 70. We have been reading a lot of scriptures he assigned us to prepare for it, and I am so excited for this mission tour! He is also doing an MLC on Saturday with us, and speaking at General conference with our mission president and both of their wives! It is going to be a powerful week. 

I love y'all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Brock

I'm driving!

We had to get the flu Shot. :(

An investigator who has been in the hospital for the past month, we keep visiting her there. Christine Mountcastle

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