Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transfer 10 week 3

This has been a very busy week. I went on 24 hour long exchanges with each of the sisters in my district. Back, to back, to back. I'm grateful to be back in my cozy apartment with my own bed and blankies. On the bright side, I got to serve in West Gate every day this week! Every TSQ sister's dream.

This week I also went to the dermatologist, again. I have been having pain in my scars for quite some time, so I wanted to check that out. Ended up getting another skin biopsy; I'll get the results back on Wednesday to see if I need to get more skin dug out and more stitches. On the bright side, I got my scars injected and they have almost shrunk half the size! They've bled quite a bit, but they're a lot smaller so I'm happy.

Just yesterday I got to see a great friend from back home; Saige Miller. Ironically, I've never actually met in her person. But we both have known so much about each other for so long because of my darling mother. Saige joined the church just under a year ago, and my mom was great fellowship for her as a recent convert. She now attends UofU and is working on mission papers. As we were talking, I was thinking about the difference between her and a lot of other recent converts I know. She immediately grasped onto the Gospel, and has been firm in her witness since. She stands alone as a member of the church in her family, and yet is stronger than most life-long members. It is simply about dedication and diligence. When we decide to be dedicated to the Gospel, every other aspect in our life is effected; we are changed forevermore. Our everyday decisions are already made because we decided to follow Christ, to do and be good. This should be the aspiration in each of our lives, to have complete dedication to the Gospel. I know that is my life-long goal. And I am excited to see where that takes me.

I love y'all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Brock

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