Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wesley Roger Reed

One year ago today, Wesley Roger Reed asked me to be his girl friend. One of the most memorable days of my life! Now how did it all start?

About Wesley:
Wesley is a 6'6, volleyball, HUNK! He is so fun and always keeps me on my toes. I can't keep from laughing when I'm around him. He is awesome at anything he does, whether it be board games, volleyball, wake boarding, or school work, he always gives 110% and hates losing! (I'm the only exception he says :) ) He is so adventurous, which I love! He's also crazy smart, he teaches me new things every day.
He is currently on a church mission in Uganda, Africa. Not only is he having the experience of a lifetime, but he is learning, growing and becoming the man the Lord wants him to be. He is doing amazing work over there! He's been out 4 months and has been the Zone Leader for the past month. (That's verrrry unusual!!) He is impacting so many people, more than he may realize. I both figuratively and literally look up to him in so many ways! I am so proud of him and all the decisions he's made in his life. I love that boy!
How we met:
Summer 2011, we both ended up going to the same BYU volleyball camp. I was sitting at a table by the door in Legends grill when this strapping young man comes through the door. His shirt said 'Green Valley Mens Volleyball' I recognized that school... my friend Troy goes there! I met him the previous year at this camp. So I ask him a few pretty obvious bimbo questions and am instantly intrigued by him. After following him around like a little puppy for the next few days, I came to the conclusion that he's tall, he's Mormon  he plays volleyball, therefore he will be MINE!

Over the next few months we talked briefly, I never thought that it would actually go somewhere. But fortunately I had a volleyball tournament in Vegas! (That's where he lived) He came and watched me play everyday and hung out with us on the strip! At this point, I started to really like this guy. Just like chocolate, everything good has to come to an end. I flew home on Sunday night and ended up not going to school the next day. I woke up to a phone call, the name said 'Wesley Roger Reed', I was so confused, first from just waking up, and second trying to figure out why he was calling me. Thinking it was a bum dial, but still wanting to talk to him I answer hesitantly. He said that he was snowboarding, biffed, hit hit head and he doesn't know where he is or what he should do. So he decided to call me! ME! Being a million miles away, I couldn't do anything. So I tried to jog his memory and told him to probably go back to the car. Thankfully everything worked out and he only got a minor concussion.

A few weeks before my high school prom, my mom gave me the option to either get a new dress and go with someone here or borrow a dress and she'd fly Wesley in to come to prom with me. Well this was a no brain-er! After long phone calls back and forth to try to figure out the details, Wesley took me to prom! We did our pre-prom activities, took pictures and were waiting for dinner outside when he asked me to be his girl friend. Little did I know at the time that my sister captured the moment! (picture below)

Over the summer we saw each other twice. He came back to Oregon and we went to a rodeo, went on hikes and had a Lord of the Ring's marathon. (Who knew I'd actually like them?!) My first rodeo! Wes had to explain everything to me, but I loved it. We even got to go on a ghetto circle roller coaster that makes you so sick. But we still had fun, winning bootbarn... haha! Next time I saw him I was at my BYU volleyball camp, I was playing and I looked up in the window and there he was! He waved and then left, thirty seconds later he comes running through the door and gives me a hug. I was so mad at that moment because I didn't want my coach to get mad. Silly Gretchen, he then left immediately after seeing my grumpy face. An hour or so later I was in the hall getting water when I look to my right and see Tyler, his brother. I hadn't officially met him yet so I couldn't be sure if it was him or not. I go back into the gym and Tyler comes in later, asks me if I've seen Wesley because they lost him. Typical Wesley, wandering off by himself because he hates being tied down with restrictions. They later find him playing video games at his friend's dorm.

Volleyball camp ended and my aunt drove me back down to Provo to meet his family! Ahhh! Stressful. We all stayed at his Aunt's condo there before heading out in the morning to Vegas. I fell in love with Vegas that week! Mostly because of all the food options. (Chicken Shack!!) But also because there is so much more to it than the strip, we went to the world largest chocolate fountain, a cactus garden (Warning, Cactus's really are prickly!!), and my favorite... boating! I learned how to wake board and wake surf that week, only because I had the best teachers. I will never let Wesley forget how I destroyed him in Monopoly either, even though he is still the boss at Disney scene it.

I had the opportunity to go to Utah and see him once more before he left on his church mission. He was going to BYU and took the tram up to my aunt's house in Kaysville. He was excited about being able to drive my aunt's car... she has niceeee cars! And we found the worlds nicest Wendy's! (Yes our relationship revolves mostly around food, I'm not complaining!) We also had a fun pic nic, went to dinner with his sister Megan, her husband Reese and my sister Alli, and got to go to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! My first time seeing the prophet in person. It was definitely a weekend to remember!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I believe we are destined to be friends.
    1. I love your blog,
    2. I wrote a missionary who served in Uganda for his whole two years,
    3. You should read it at!

  2. Also the missionary I wrote said he had heard of Elder Reed!