Friday, June 28, 2013

Temple Square is COOL

Many of my non-member friends don't understand how COOL my mission is! They either say "why do you need to go on a mission to Utah?" or give me a bizarre 'why are you so excited' look. But Temple Square is literally the best mission I could ever ask for! Why?

1) I really get to dig deep and learn SO much about the history of my church. I am no history buff, and have the memory of Dory, but the constant repetition of teaching it will really let it soak in and (hopefully) I'll remember it 5 years down the road!

2) I get to be at Temple Square for at least 2 General Conferences! General Conference is where our church leaders (Prophet, Apostles, etc.) speak to our church as a whole. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly as I did on Temple Square last General Conference, and to be able to experience it as a missionary will make it all that much better.

3) I will get to meet soooo many different people. People from all around the world come to Temple Sqaure, and I will have the opportunity to teach them and testify to them that this is the true church. I get to meet the people who actually want to know more about our church, with the desire and yearning to come closer to Christ.

4) I will most likely always have companions who are foreign! We are always in pairs, and because people from all around the world come to Temple Square, I will likely have foreign companions. I will get to learn about different cultures, languages and most importantly... try out new foods!! ;) Yummm.

5) I get a special name tag. Sisters at Temple Square have a name tag that also has the Salt Lake Temple on it, with their country's flag underneath! It is twice at big as normal name tags, so thankfully I won't have to worry about jewelry as much, my name tag has my decoration taken care of!

6) This one may be silly... but it is very important. There is a Chick fil a RIGHT next to Temple Square! So not only will I  be having the time of my life, but my belly  will be having the time of it's life!

7) I can be a zone/district leader. These positions in Missionary leadership are usually the Elders (men), but because my mission is an all Sisters mission, I can be one! My ultimate goal for my mission, is to inspire other Sisters to be the best they can be. You only have 18 months to serve, but you have a lifetime and eternity to reflect on it.

8) I will be likely to see the Prophet and other various Apostles! It will by my own undercover mission to see the Prophet while on my mission, up close and personal. A picture would even be a bonus!

9) I will get to see friends and family all the time who come to Temple Square! I have lots of friends who are heading off to BYU next year, just an hour away. And with Temple Square being such a hot spot, it is inevitable that I will see so many of my awesome friends.

10) I also get transferred to another mission in the US for 4 months, where I'll get to tract and proselyte (teach and testify). It will be fun and exciting to go to a "normal" mission for a few transfers, it's like getting a mission call all over again! (Fingers crossed for Las Vegas!)

I am SOOOO blessed to be able to go serve at Temple Square, it is exactly where I wanted to go. My friend Avery (Elder Grasse), said "I just knew that you were righteous enough to receive revelation to know where you were going to go and to want to serve there, so obviously you are going to Temple Square!" This is not only going to be some of the greatest 18 months of my life, but also some of the greatest 18 months for my life. I love this Gospel!!!!!! 

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