Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mission Clothes

I have been asked by a few fellow future sister missionaries to post pictures of my mission outfits! And I thought... why not share it with the world? So this is a shameless fashion post.

Please ignore my lion mane I call my hair... it has a mind of it's own after I blow dry it.

This dress is one of my favorites! It will go with evvverrrythingggg. Add a sweater, bang! Add a pea coat, bang! Add a statement necklace, buh-bang!! I got it from ONLY MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP!

This skirt is fabulous, it is such a beautiful color and sooo comfortable! It is from the one and only The argyle sweater I've had for like 7 or 8 years... but nonetheless it's from

Now for my favorite outfit!!!!
This peplum top is tremendous. I think I've worn it 3 times since I got it last week... it's from Tarrrgettt. I love that place. This skirt is also from Target! It's a pencil skirt that I got a size up so it wouldn't be too tight. Love it!!

I am still 84 days away, so I've got a lot more shopping to do!
What I plan to get:
- Blazers
- Pea Coats
- Stripes, stripes and more stripes!
- Peter pan collar shirts
- Shoes... the dreaded shoes.
- Boots!
- Everything.

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