Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Receiving my Endowment

Oh blog, it's been too long.

Just over two weeks ago I had the amazing experience of being able to receive my endowment in the Portland Oregon temple. And BOY was that a remarkable experience! Yes, it was very freighting, overwhelming and baffling, but that is yet another reason why it is essential to return to the house of the Lord! As I have done other sessions, things have become clearer to me and I am able to understand more fully what the Lord has in store for me.

I was very blessed with an awesome experience when I received my endowment. As I walked into the Celestial room, I was greeted by the Temple President, who NEVER comes to the Celestial room. He was looking for ME... me. What?! After his wife had given me the low down on the Temple, she went and told him about the 'future missionary receiving her endowment today.' He came to ask me to be a Temple worker(little did he know I was already called as one), and after Terry Wilder, our stake president, walked into the room he asked him to have my papers on his desk asap. Wow. I feel so blessed and honored to receive this calling! Although I will have to leave at 5am Wednesday mornings and 4am Friday mornings, I know I will receive SO many blessings for sacrificing my time and sleep. I love the Temple, I loved receiving my endowment, and I love this Gospel!!!

"Attend the temple. You will be blessed for so doing. Every man or woman who goes into the house of the Lord leaves there a better man or woman than he or she was when he or she entered the house of the Lord. The house of the Lord will have a refining effect upon you. It will cultivate unselfishness within your lives. It will build righteousness. It will impress upon you the importance of doing what you ought to do. Go to the house of the Lord."
-President Gordon B. Hinckley 

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