Monday, July 8, 2013

Temple excitement!

4 days. Tomorrow will be 3 days. Until what you ask? Until I go to the Portland Temple to receive my endowments. In my Temple Prep class this past Sunday, Brother Kirby said "Receiving your endowments is more important that your mission." At first this startled me, but then I realized how significant your endowments are, and how essential they are in the plan of salvation.
In my Temple interview, my bishop said that I am one of the most spiritually prepared members he's ever interviewed. And because of that, I was informed that I am going to be called as a Temple Worker. I am soooo beyond excited! I am so blessed to be able to go to the Temple so often, both in Portland and in Salt Lake while on my mission at Temple Square. I love this church and I love the Temple!

My home temple! Portland temple. My sister took this awesome photo of my brother and his wife on their wedding day!!


  1. Awesome, Sis. Brock. I completely agree with Br. Kirby and Bishop Taylor.
    Enjoy your experience this week, and in serving as a worker.
    BTW, Saeder is going thru tomorrow morning--yes, we're very excited!

  2. SO great! I am so jealous I would love to work in the temple! Wow, that is great news! You are awesome.