Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snow Time!

This last week started off with a bang! Sister Gudiel ended up passing out last Tuesday night and she got SUPER sick! So we had to go to the hospital with our Amazzzing AP's at like 12pm. She got all drugged and IVed up and is feeling a little better this past week. Still keep her in your prayers! She needs it right now. At least we got ice cream from the police man there! This experience was scary for me though, to see my trainer and companion in such a fragile state, really put things into perspective for me. I love my companion. She is so strong and works so hard! She has taught me more than she'll ever know! 
Then Thursday was Halloween! We ended up watching Narnia, which is no Monsters University that's for sure, but it was so great! Especially with the moral of the movie revolving around Christ. Seeing it as a missionary makes it all a little more real. It is so great to get together as a whole mission all the time, I love being so close with everyone!
I can't tell you how proud I am of you Rodrigo for getting baptized! You are such an amazing example to so many people, keep pressing on in faith and building your testimony. Next step: Mission!!! :)
This week I saw SO many people I know! It was so crazy, but fun to see some familiar faces. I saw Brother Bird (Twice!), Tanner Tichenor, Abby Olsen and Alden Papritz! That reminds me... how is Austin doing? I'd love to hear from him! 
Aunt Marty, Megan and Whiskers: I reallllly hope you're coming to our choir fireside next Tuesdaynight! November 5th at 7:30 I believe, also Uncle Dan and fam, you're close too! It's going to be so great. We have been working really hard on it! And Megan and Kenna, if you come... I have some clothes that you can have ;) incentive! 
This last Sunday we had a meeting with the President, and a lot of sister didn't take it so well. He called us unto repentance. And at first, I thought he was joking! President Gillette often makes jokes like "If you get up in the middle of this devotional, you will be shot" So you could see why I would mistake that for a joke, but surely it wasn't. Our mission has always been glorified for it's obedience, but lately the sisters have become pretty relaxed about the rules, and I definitely have noticed it! Not just in others, but myself as well. Just the night before I prayed and asked God to help me find more direction in my mission, and boy was my prayer answered! President said a lot of awesome/straightforward/hard things to hear about obedience, and how we were not being obedient. We simply are becoming too relaxed about our missions; conduct is becoming immature, lots of 'hanging out' with other sisters, speech isn't that of a missionary, and taking too long of dinner and lunch breaks. It's these simple things that make a big impact on your service! Faith=Obedience=Power. They all come together, you can't have one without the other. When we accepted our call, we CHOSE to be obedient to all the rules. We already used our agency, we can't turn back on our choice now. We already made the decision to be obedient. 
We as missionaries are not here to learn recipes from all over the world, to shop at City Creek, or even to make friends! As missionaries, we are here to bring others unto Christ! That is our one purpose and needs to be our one focus! People all over the world are donating money to the missionary fund, people are PAYING for us to bring others to come unto Christ, they aren't paying for us to make friends and have a good time. But as we fulfill our purpose, we will make friends, we will have the time of our life! Because that's what brings true happiness, is seeing firsthand how the Gospel changes lives. I feel so blessed to be able to see it in those I teach, all over the world! 
Through the atonement we can become extraordinary! And that is what we are being asked to do.   Elder Holland came a few weeks before I got here, and he said he has a vision for the Temple Square Mission, and that is that it will become extraordinary. He knows our potential! He knows, that as we are obedient, and heed to the promptings of the Spirit, then the world will hear the Gospel. As missionaries, we can fulfill our purpose, because He fulfilled his. We can help others come unto Christ, because Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can become clean. I love the atonement so much. I love repentance. 
I am so grateful that President addressed this. I personally need to be more obedient, and this was the push I needed. I am grateful to be called unto repentance! Repentance is awesome! It is a chance to be better, to be extraordinary! I am grateful to be someone worth correcting, to know that he has enough faith in my potential as a missionary that he would call me unto repentance. I know that President Gillette was addressing the mission as a whole, but that message was for me personally. It was an answer to my prayer, and I must act on it now. 
I must always remember why I am here on my mission, to bring souls unto Christ, to bring them everlasting happiness! Because the Gospel is the way to eternal happiness, I know this to be true. Iknow that as we keep an eye single to the glory of God, we too will bring ourselves closer to Christ. Just because we are members, or even missionaries, doesn't mean that we can't be brought unto Christ. No one is perfect, and we all can come closer to Christ. And this is what I invite you to do this week, dedicate yourself more fully to living the Gospel! Read you scriptures, say your prayers, and most importantly, bear testimony. Because not only will you strengthen their testimony, but you will strengthen your own. I have seen my testimony strengthen every day here on Temple Square! I am so lucky to be able to bear testimony so often, it is such a blessing to me. 

I love you all and hope you are all reading your scriptures daily :) FEAST UPON THE WORDS OF CHRIST! Because the words of Christ will tell you all things which you should do. Favorite scripture of the week: Words of Mormon 1:7

I love you all and want to hear from you! 
-Sister Brock

P.s. I would love you all forever if you sent me Hi-Chews, especially green apple. 

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