Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Still scared of Talking to people on the phone...

Hola Family! 
Obviously I haven't had much time to work on my Spanish lately. We still take TONS of Spanish tours, lessons and have a lot of Spanish investigators. Probably 90% of our investigators are Spanish speaking... and boy can I testify that the gift of tongues is REAL! I know exactly what they're saying, I can't tell you how weird/amazing that is. I love the Spanish people! Seriously so prepared to receive the Gospel. This week, 2 of our new investigators names are Angela and Rodrigo! Made me think of some of my favorite people.
This was another exciting week at Temple Square! For so little a mission, we sure do a ton of different and fun things every week! This last Tuesday we started off with the Musical Temple Square Missionary fireside. SO. SPIRITUAL. The room was absolutely filled with Elders and their investigators. I feel so blessed to have been a part of that fireside, to be able to talk to the Elders and their investigators after was amazing. They could all really feel the Spirit. The first song was really fun, we all marched in with our country's flag singing Called to Serve. And if you didn't know, we actually have a different 3rd verse specifically for Temple Square. I love it!
So then on Thursday night, the mission got to go to a VIP showing of Savior of the World! And if you haven't seen that... well woah. It is so clear and they do an amazing job telling about the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We got tickets too to give to our investigators, so Amir is going! After Savior of the World we got to meet the cast and some sisters and I got a picture with Mary and Joseph, so hopefully I'll be able to get that picture soon from the other sister.
More exciting news about the mission: OUR BOUNDARIES GOT EXTENDED! Now for most missions, this would probably be quite a few more miles that they can cover, or less if they're adding a mission! But for us here at the Square, we now get to go proselyte by the reflection pond!!!! Outside the sacred gates. I have been going there every chance I get, because you can find some golden members there that give referrals. (Which are the best kind of members, the ones that want to share their blessings of the gospel)
Friday I made my daily goal: DON'T BE SCARED! I am still terrified of talking to people on the phone. And it's so hard for me to finally press the call button, but on Friday I called ALL the rest of my referrals I had and I received 13 out of 15 new investigators! So I was super happy about that. They were all English referrals so that was really rare to have that many new English investigators. We set goals for transfer, weekly, and daily (companionship and personal). It's so great to have a focus each day to become better. There are SO many things I need to improve, and I know that as I utilize the atonement specifically each day, that I can become the missionary my Father in Heaven expects me to be. I want to make HIM proud. That's all that matters to me.
This past week I started reading 'Our Heritage'. It's a book about the story of the early saints. A book about pioneers, exciting right? RIGHT! I am absolutely obsessed with it. Any extra minute I have, I am reading it. I also had the opportunity to watch Ephraims Rescue this week! Wowzers. Please, everyone go watch it. Really opens up your eyes to see the sacrifices people made, because they knew that the Gospel was restored through Joseph Smith. Oh, and come to find out, my friend James Gaisford is like the star of it! Well, congrats bud! So after both of these, I have been thinking a lot about the pioneers this week. We also have a monument here called the Handcart Monument. It's a pioneer pulling a handcart with his family in the cart. It shows the rough ground that they had to travel on, and you can see in their faces the hardships they had dealt with thus far on their journey. But what I love most is how the father is looking straightforward, with determination in his eyes. And although we don't typically go through physical battles such as this, each and everyone of us goes through spiritual and emotional battles, with rough grounds and heavy carts to pull. But we can have the same determination as this father. We know where our destination is; life eternal. But we are not alone pulling our cart. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, has already overcome this journey. He has felt those hardships along our path, he KNOWS. And he has done this, so that he can help us. He is right alongside us, pulling our carts. We just have to take the time to notice his hand in our life. There was a story of a pioneer man in Our Heritage (I believe), he said that he would look at a tree in the distance and say to himself "I will pull until I get to that tree, and then I am done. I can't make it." And as he reached the tree, his cart kept moving. Angels of the Lord were helping him along. We are going to have hard times in this life, and I've seen some especially hard times in my mission. But I KNOW that the Savior is right alongside us, pulling our handcart, even when we feel we can't anymore. There are some days on the mission where I feel SO exhausted (because you all know how much I love naps), but I press forward, in the strength of Christ. And in those times, is when I see the biggest miracles! So press forward my friends, and always look to Christ. Because I can promise, that He is more aware of you and your struggles than you may ever realize.

Sister Armedariz from Mexico
Sister Armedariz from Mexico

Savior of world show

Comp Sister Guidiel (Honduras) and Sister Marambio (Chili)

Savior of world with Joseph and Mary
Savior of world with Joseph and Mary

Well, that's all it for me this week. I love you all so much, and hope you have a great week!
Much love,
Sister Brock

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