Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letters to Gretchen

Hey Gretchen!  It's Colin!  Hearing awesome stories from your mom about your mission.  Super proud of your decision to serve and enjoy it while it lasts.  It goes by SO SO fast.  Much love!  Colin

Gretchen, Conner Plant here. It's late here so I'll keep it short, don't want to get in the way of your zumba class too. You are well remembered here in Salem, so enjoy your mission and do work. I want you to be the highest baptizer in all of the Square. If you ever meet a Sister Klein from Brasil, tell her hi for me as well, she's my mission president's daughter and is pretty cool. Have fun, lol (lots of love) - Conner 

GRETCH! It's Brad Marley. How's your vacation/day spa? I bet it's thuper duper fun! Anyways. I was there with my whole fam damily during thanksgiving and we looked for you but you were probably busy saving souls (I hope). We're all super proud of you here and can't wait to keep hearing about your future successes. Keep working hard and follow the spirit. It goes by kinda quick, especially with all that Zumba. Love, Brad.

What up guuuurl?! Its me, Rykie. So I heard you are visiting temple square. That's fun. I hope all is going well. No earthquakes, tsunamis, or mudslides. Watch out for the west nile virus and always remember the sun screen. The mission is fun stuff, take advantage of it. The Lord works through simple ways, so enjoy those simple ups and downs. He is shaping you. You (or any companions) can email me. Keep it fresh! Beijos- Rykie

 Hi gretch, I can't wait to go back to Florida! -Alli 

So these guys were over tonight playing games and they said they wanted to say Hi... Hope you enjoyed their notes.
I love you! Can't wait to hear from you soon.
Love mom.

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