Saturday, December 28, 2013

Transfer 2, week 3? 4?

Hello again family and friends,
First off, my mom is amazing. I received the best package EVER this past week! It was a box of Christmas joy! Full of decorations, fun presents, and Christmas cheer. My companion/roommates love you too mom. So my mom is the best, ever. Thank you SO much mom for the awesome package!
Knowing my mom.. she probably posted this on Facebook.. BUT yesterday we got an email from the AP's saying that we get to call our family's for 5 minutes to set up a time to call them on Christmas. So obviously, we called right then! My mom answered and was so worried, thinking something was wrong. But it was great to be able to talk to them for a few minutes! And of course, all I heard from Alli was "I can't find my shoes" and "I'm trying to get ready for church" Love you too Alli...
This morning we went to the Temple! So great, as always. We get to go once a transfer on our P-day at like 6 in the morning. Earliest but easiest day to get up! We then always go to kneaders for breakfast after, so I'm nice and full of delicious french toast right now :)
Well for the majority of my email, I'd like to talk about the amazing Mission Tour we had. Mission Tour is kinda like a big devotional, for 8 hours. And those 8 hours are some of the most spiritual uplifting and enlightening moments of your life! We had the privilege of having Elder Clark come. And he covered EVERYTHING. Not just mission, but education, family, children, and most importantly, marriage. Definitely have a new outlook on a lot of things!
He started off by reminding us what the stereotype for Temple Square missionaries are with the apostles: The best sister missionaries. So he said "live up to your expectations!" Elder Clark is kinda like Elder Holland, which is why I love him so much. He also told us how we were chosen for Temple Square. When our picture comes up, if the Apostle see the Atonement in our eyes, we get put aside for visitor center sisters. Then, they weed through us again, and look for the Sisters that they can see Jesus Christ in our eyes, and those are the ones chosen for Temple Square. It is such an honor to know that an Apostle of the Lord has seen both the atonement and Jesus Christ in my eyes, I have definitely felt the atonement so strongly in my life! It is my favorite part about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I know that every single sister here at Temple Square is so special, that they are all here for a specific reason, and they each have touched my life so much already in this short time.
"There isn't a group of people prayed more for than the missionaries. Answer their prayers." We as missionaries have such a divine duty to help people come unto Christ! So many people are praying for the missionaries, and praying for us specifically by name! So we need to do our part, we need to be diligent and obedient at all times so that we can answer the prayers of the faithful members of the church. I know that as we do, that we will become so much better! Because the way God helps us is by allowing us to help others. God doesn't need us to preach the Gospel, but we are so blessed that he is allowing us to. We are so blessed to be His instruments in bringing about His great work!
We give a LOT of tours on Temple Square. Even when we don't do tours after 5pm now with Christmas! But it is not enough to give tours. We can't afford to 'just give tours', there is too much at stake. We can't be scared of rejection (which is my #1 fear), because there is no sadder words than 'It could have been.' I need to continue to push past my fear of rejection, and give people the chance to accept the gospel. It is not my place to determine if I think they will accept the Gospel or not. Because in the end, they need to be given the opportunity to choose for themselves if they will take these things to heart. They need to choose if they want to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We can't let little dumb things get in the way of eternity. Absolutely no one should leave the Square and not know of our testimony and love for the Savior. Because this is the most important message anyone could ever hear! (Alma 7:7) This message is a message of happiness for time and all eternity. It is a message of hope and love! It is a message that brings forth miracles. And as missionaries, we must be performers and witness of miracles. And I can testify, that the Lord WILL work mighty miracles through you as you are diligent and obedient.

And lastly we talked a lot about how we can become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, eternally converted. I don't want to be a missionary who feels like the mission is over when I go home, but remember that I can always be an instrument in God's hands. I know that to become eternally converted, we must follow the traditions of Mormons. We must read our scriptures daily, pray sincerely, go to church regularly, have family home evening, and act, think and do as our Savior would. Habits become who we are, and if we have the habits of a follower of Christ, that is who we will be. For too long in my life I have said "I want to be...", and through my mission I want to be able to say "I am." I know that the Lord has great things in store for me. That through Him, I can become the person I want to become. 

I love this Gospel, I love Temple Square, and most of all, I love being a missionary!
Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week :)
Again, this email is so scattered. It's hard to write all your many thoughts in one short email!
-Sister Brock

Wanted to prove to my mom that I can cook now... Alfredo!

And this is Bob.. the Temple Square Angel. He comes every day and hangs out with the sisters at the desks

P.s. For an early Christmas, we get to go to dinner at a member's house this week with our district! SO excited!

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