Friday, December 13, 2013

Transfer 2, week 2? 3? Who knows.

Hello from the beautiful white Salt Lake!
Heard it's snowing in Oregon too eh? Of course, when I go to the snow, the snow comes home. Typical! But it actually hasn't been too bad here. There was a few nights where it was pretty windy too, so all the snow was blowing right in our faces, that wasn't too fun. But overall, Temple Square is even more beautiful and a million people still come even with the snow. 

This was quite a hectic week. We had the Spanish concert this weekend which was HUGE. It was announced on the news, radio, etc. So there was a million Spanish people here for the concert. They weren't just from Utah either! So many flew in from all over the world to come see it. One night we got 28 referrals... Crazy. Also, we helped ran the Spanish Concert, so we were running around trying to fix all the little technical problems all week. But we had about 30 of our local Spanish investigators come to the concert, and they all LOVED it! What a great resource to have. We also got to go to the concert one night, and boy was that fun! It is so cool to be able to learn about so many different cultures, and after seeing this concert, it helped me understand the Spanish culture a lot more. They also had sing along's, and my Spanish is coming along well. 

So some of my most favorite investigators are Dan (getting baptized on the 20th), Amir (getting baptized with his wife when she moves to the US), Roger (who will be baptized soon), Bernadette (actually a less active, but doesn't really know anything about the church), Gelacio (who accepted baptism when we were just getting to know him) and Zachary (who was just a miracle). I'll tell you about a few of them... Roger! Roger lives in Lima, Peru. He has been taught by the missionaries and wants to be baptized, but he has a major social phobia! So he is scared to go to church or meet with the local missionaries again. He had a baptismal date, but wrote a letter to the local missionaries saying he couldn't. He's so adorable! So he came on chat, and we have been calling him, fasting and praying for him so much! Well, come to find out, his local missionary is from LAS VEGAS! So I'm really hoping it's my friend Troy Gubler. We're almost ready to contact the local missionaries, so hopefully it is him! Then let me tell you about Zachary. First off, I have this awesome RM who is my go-to for member present lessons. His name is Jeff and he goes to BYU. So a lesson fell through with a different investigator so I told Jeff, I will have a lesson on tomorrow at 1pm. Now, I was NOT even close to having an English lesson then, and this was the following day! So I needed to get a referral and have a lesson at 1 o clock. So then I was just 1 hour away from this lesson that I didn't have an investigator for. Well needless to say, prayers and faith work. I knelt down and prayed oh so hard. And when I opened my eyes, a beautiful chat box opened up with none other than Zachary. Zachary is so great and has so many great questions! He was able and willing to accept lessons over the phone, and we were able to call Jeff and have this member present. And Jeff and Zachary are literally like long lost twins, they are so similar! Just goes to show that the Lord will provide when you have faith. So many incredible stories like this happen all the time. 

Last P-day we went to the Cheesecake factory with the Moore family! Mmmm mmm good! Their son was heading to the MTC the following Wednesday so it was cool to talk to him and pump him up for the MTC. I really wish I could go back to the MTC for just a day. But he's excited! He's going to South Korea. I hope Sister Moore sent the pictures she took! They're from Houston, so look out for them Brandon and Saeder. 

Yesterday at chruch, Elder Cook came! We get a lot of the Apostles and 70 that come to visit our ward. Have I told you how absolutely beautiful our chapel is? Well, it definitely won't be the same after the mission. We had Elder Oaks come a few weeks ago. We see Elder Oaks and Sister Kristen Oaks EVERYWHERE! We know where most of the Apostles and President Monson live, and it's pretty close. 

So yesterday we got to go the awesome Christmas devotional! All the Sister's went, so we had a few singles wards come and cover the Square. President gave a devotional for them before, and guess what... he read and based his whole devotional off my last email to him. He told me that he told them all about me and my mission experienced. So everyone was telling me, oh you're sister Brock! Loved your thoughts and insights about missionary work. You would have thought that I was famous, so many people were talking to me yesterday! So that was kinda cool I guess.  
Well back to the Christmas Devotional, all of the talks were amazing and hit the spot! But I really think that my favorite part was when President Monson said something along the lines of "This season, lets not just have the Spirit of Christmas, but the Spirit of Christ" Wow. I've never thought of it that way before! I really don't feel like it's Christmas season... so I'll wait until next week to do a more Christmas-y letter.

On Saturday I had one of my most spiritual moments on my mission. We were frantically running around, trying to hand out last minute tickets to the Spanish concert, when we ran into a family. We invited them and they got excited! Except for one little boy. He was handicapped and he said 'No! I will not go! I want to see Jesus!" So his family complied. And I fully knew that we desperately needed to hand out these tickets, but I was prompted to take him up to the Christus and spend this moment with him. So when I invited him to see the Christus, he smiled up at me and grabbed my hand and started showing me the way! We talked about Jesus the whole way there, he said that his favorite part about Jesus was praying to him. How adorable. When we got to the Christus, I had him go right up to his feet and look up at him. We felt his feet, the prints of the nails, and he quietly whispered, "I love you Jesus, I love you." This hit me so hard. We then knelt at his feet while Sister Gudiel played the audio. The whole time, we was looking at the Savior and smiling, with love in his eyes. Well, as you could imagine, I was crying at this point. The true spirit of the Saviors love was there. I felt so blessed to have been apart of this experience with this young boy. He truly taught me what it means to have Christlike love. To focus on the Savior in this season, and to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. This little boy is truly an angel. He feels God's love, and he is the perfect example of "becoming as a little child." I inspire to be like him one day. 

Sorry that this letter is so scattered, that's pretty much how my week went. Scattered! But still so many miracles. Press forward in faith my friends, God loves you! 

Much love,
Sister Brock

p.s. Tessa, I got your letter and drawing, I loved it! They're hanging up next to my bed. 

This is Noah's, where we ate and had the dance party!

And this is my favorite person in the world... Elder Frost! "Here comes Sister trouble Brock!"

And this is what happens when you try to slide tackle sisters in the rink...

Our beautiful knit hats the woman gave us 

Forgot to mention I went to a 'Celebration of Christ' innerfaith concert this weekend. So great! Held in tabernacle. Vocal point and Jenny Oaks Baker performed, as well as someone from panetonics (sp?) from the sing off a few years ago. It was amazing!

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