Friday, January 9, 2015

Transfer 10 week 6

This was a great week! First week of lights, so we have been very busy. Our schedules also have changed so that we stay out on the square until 10pm, go to sleep at 11:30 and then wake up at 7:30. So it has been interesting adjusting to that schedule, but it is working well with the Christmas schedule. I also got a great Christmas decoration package from my mom and my apartment is looking very festive!

This week I got my results back for my skin biopsy, and the results are very concerning so they are going to go and take off more skin. So on Wednesday I'm doing back to the dermatologist and going to get about 20 stitches again. What a way to start off this next transfer!

This last weekend we had two amazing people get baptized, Antonio here in Murray Utah, and Brother James back in San Antonio Texas. We went to Antonio's baptism, but I'll send the pictures once I obtain a card reader. But Brother James is one of my absolutely favorite investigators. I met him at the end of my first transfer in San Antonio, I was on exchanges with Sister Smith and we were visiting some potential/former investigators. We were walking in the parking lot when we see two men unloading a car load. We go up and immediately start grabbing their things and say "Let us help you carry these in!" This usually doesn't work with two scrawny sisters. But Brother James looked at us with wide-crazy eyes and said "Well who are you?" We introduced ourselves and he referred to himself as Brother James. So he will forever be Brother James. My companions and I had worked with him for the following transfer and I continued to teach him from Temple Square. And this last week he was baptized. He relayed the experience to me as indescribable. He feels anew and feels the spirit so strongly in his life! I am so grateful that my companion and I opened our mouths to him that day in the parking lot. He is going to strengthen the Balcones Heights ward, and I am so excited to see him enter the Temple.

I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!

Sister Brock

P.s. This week at the lights I saw the Maynes, Ethan Collins, Josh Kunzler, Abby Clements (sister from my outbound), The blue chair elder from the District videos, Christian Carlson, Saige Miller, and the missionary from the movie Meet the Mormons!

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