Friday, January 9, 2015

Transfer 10 week 5

What a marvelous week! To begin, today was black Friday, so my companion and I shopped most of the day at City Creek. It was fabulous! Best p-day I've had my whole mission. Nothing like renewing your wardrobe. I also ran into one of my outbound companions at GAP today, Sister Simonsen! She was with her fiancé Larson and her father. Side note: I get to go to their sealing on December 27th in the Salt Lake Temple!!!! So today was pretty great.
Thanksgiving this year was pretty different than last year. Last year we rented out Noah's, which is a party place, and had a HUGE celebration. This year we got to go to member’s houses and boy did I love it! There is no feeling like being in a home on thanksgiving, one that is full of love and the Spirit. We got to go to the Shaw family home in Bountiful, Utah. They picked us up yesterday at 2 and we went to their adorable home close by the Temple. They have 5 kids, and with the extended family there were 9 kids, myself included. We started off by playing some card games; I've still got it; still the pro at card games. Then we had an amazing Turkey dinner, we shared a message/game on gratitude and topped it off with some pie! It was how a Thanksgiving should be; spending time together as a family, having fun and making memories together.
This week Sister Brooks and I took one of my all-time favorite tours. We were walking in the North visitor’s center when we see the cutest Pilipino family, a father, mother and 4 absolutely adorable children. We first took them to the Christus, where the kids and I sat at the feet of Christ as we played the narration. Little Levi looked at me and plopped right down on my lap, I obviously didn't protest. We then proceeded to the presentation of God's plan for families; my absolute favorite place to take people. We then went to the tabernacle and the assembly hall, and the spirit was so strong. We continued to talk about eternal families, and how through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can be together forever. This is what I love most of all, sharing this message of eternal families. Passion doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about the plan of Salvation, it has been so prudent throughout my life and I needed to have this knowledge to get past some challenges I have faced, and it is such a blessing to see how this message sparks an unquenchable flame in those who grasp on. I love this Gospel more than anything, and am so grateful to get to share more about it in this season of celebrating the Savior's birth. I invite each of you to watch this short video to start off this glorious Christmas season:
I love you all and hope y'all have a fantastic week. The Christmas lights are turning on tonight and I am more than excited!
Sister Brock

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