Monday, August 11, 2014

4th of July

Sister Hoffmann from Brasillll

ELDER SKANCHY!!! He's my absolute favorite. Before I got my surgery and found out what was wrong with my stomach, he gave me a bunch of chocolate because he thought it was really bad cramps. He's a judge and barely ever smiles, but he is such an awesome man! 
The Oregonian's at Temple Square! Sister Briggs refused to do the Oregon Duck's 'O'
Sister Toa, my favorittttteeee! She has the hardest time doing the rock sign, but she thinks it is so funny and calls me Sister B-rock
Sister Enis!!! (My sister Alli was in her EFY group back in High School!!)
President Harmon! Funniest guy you'd ever meet. He's small, but he has a way with fashion!!
Sister Yang! Who was in Elder James Kunzler's district in her outbound to NY!
Sister Armendariz
Sister Richardson

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