Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transfer 8 week 2

Another beautiful and hot week here in San Antonio! It is generally around 104 and very humid. But I was so surprised at how many trees there are here in Texas! Looks a lot more like Oregon than Utah does. This last Tuesday we had ward coordination meeting at our ward mission leader's home. We got out of our previous appointment a little early, so we decided to go knocking around our WML's (ward mission leader) home. We started teaching a guy on his doorstep about the restoration when out of no where it started down pouring! Rain on rain on rain, with thunder and lightening included. This man invited us in, but since his wife wasn't home we couldn't go in. So we set up a return appointment. But we still had 20 minutes before the ward coordination meeting. We we trucked through the rain and kept knocking. People were looking at us like we are crazy! And we probably are. But this is still the Lord's time, and we were not going to waste any of it. So then we showed up later to our WML's house completely SOAKED. So we dried ourselves off with countless towels and blow driers. But when it was time to go home, it was still storming outside! So while I was putting on my shoes, Sister Simonsen started running out to the car. When I turned around, I saw her flat out on the ground! I seriously thought she got hit by lightening! It was pretty frightening. But thankfully she just slipped on some mud. She got some pretty nice cement burns from it though. 

I want to tell ya'll about some of my favorite investigators and recent converts. First is Alma and Nick. Now two weeks ago, we set them on baptismal date for August 30th. And they were so excited! Then they didn't show up to church the following Sunday and texted us and told us that they were going to go back to the Catholic church. Noooooooo! So we went and visited them right after church. They were home and were so welcoming to us! Strange after they just tried to drop us... well we got talking and didn't really say much when they asked when they could get baptized. At this point I was very confused... but nonetheless, we picked them up again and they are on point to be baptized on the 30th! Their 16 year old son, Hector, wants to get baptized too, he's probably the strongest of the 3, but he has to get permission from his mom to get baptized. So we'll still working with him. But how could someone NOT get baptized who's name is Alma... She likes reading in Alma the most, obviously. 

Next we have Rick and Cindy. We were just knocking some doors when we found them. Rick opened the door, walked away and said "Well aren't ya'll going to come in?" So we came in, sat down and taught them the Restoration! They both are very strong Pentecostal, but are very open to new teachings. They love the Book of Mormon and believe it's the word of God, but no matter how many times we tell them that it means this is the true church, they just haven't made that connection yet. We are still working with them, but I see a lot of potential. 

Wes and Mary. Some of the best recent converts you'll find! They got baptized last month and Wes is now a ward missionary! They come from very humble circumstances, and already had a strong faith in Christ. But as missionaries, we aren't here to take away from people's faith, but to add to it. And Wes and Mary are a perfect example of that! They haven't missed a Sunday service since they first met the missionaries! Wes has been coming out with us to quite a few lessons, and I love seeing how someone so new in the church is already so dedicated to helping this work move forward. So many people in the church have been life long members and still have not had the missionary-drive that Wes and Mary have. They are truly perfect examples of member missionaries! Actually 3 of our recent converts got called last week to be ward missionaries; Wes Lightsey, Mary Jane Sweet, and Justin Ortiz! Justin is just 21 and is planning to go on a mission after he's finished in the military in just 2 years. He's super powerful!

Yesterday at church I had a peculiar experience. We were sitting in Sacrament Meeting when this gorgeous couple and their young baby come sit in front of us. I knew this woman from somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it! I figured it was volleyball so I dropped it. But after Relief Society, I could tell that she thought she recognized me too. She asked what my first name was, and when I told her, she gasped! "I'm Megan Gneiting's sister-in-law!" What a small world! Out of allll the wards here in San Antonio, I am serving in the Balcones Heights ward. She's one of our typical member presents, so I'm excited to work with her a lot this transfer and hopefully next! 

One of my favorite experiences this week was just yesterday. We've been knocking a lot, visiting former investigators, part member families, and not too much luck. So we've been trying to do more service this week. But not too often do people let 2 sisters serve them. We were again on our way to our WML's house when we see a family unloading a huge moving truck. I suggest that we help them so we pull over and tell them that we are here to help. Margie, the mom, sighs in a big relief, wraps us in a hug and said "Oh Lord-y, I was praying for a rest and you answered. I praise thee!" So we rolled up our sleeves and started towards the moving truck! Her sons weren't too happy that we were helping, and kept giving us the stink eye. They kept saying "Oh that's really heavy, we'll take that." Yes I'm a twig, but I've lifted weights for the past 6 years. And being the stubborn person I am, I was even more determined to take it. We were definitely covered in sweat at the end of it though! It's so humid here. But Margie, even with her strong Catholic background, was so open to us coming back and sharing out message with her! And it all started with a little Christlike love and service. That's really where missionary work starts! Before my mission, I was so lost on how to even start sharing the Gospel with someone. I wasn't too strong in Gospel knowledge myself, but I knew I had a testimony that it is true. When I finally just realized that sharing the Gospel is an act of service and love, that's when it came so easily. I was praying and asking God for missionary opportunities, and boy did he give them to me! This is such a righteous desire, so why would God not give us missionary opportunities? This is the work of Salvation. And we are ALL apart of it. The gospel brings not only peace and joy now, but for the eternities. We must invite all to partake of the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Gospel is for everyone; and we will never know who will accept the invitation unless we invite. We won't find out who is prepared unless we act. This gospel is true. I bear witness and testimony of the reality of the changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love ya'll and hope you have a wonderful week.

Sister Brock

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