Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfer 8 week 1! Texas Bound!

What a full and amazing week!

On Wednesday morning we got up bright and early to catch our plane to San Antonio. As soon as we stepped off the plane we were sweating. Seriously, in an INSTANT I was sticky. Very different from Salt Lake City. But we got off and met the APs and our mission President, President Slaughter. Now, I was pretty nervous to meet him with his name. But he is just an amazing and kind man! He's definitely an inspired man. So we went back with all the new missionaries to the mission home. We had interviews with President, ate, role played, etc. But for those of you who don't know, my mission, San Antonio (or the TSAM as we call it) is where they filmed the famous missionary show, 'The District'. So just like in the District, we went to the Alamo and we needed to place a Book of Mormon. I went with Sister Armendariz, the other sister from Temple Square. We had only 5 minutes to give someone a Book of Mormon. So we went off and first talked to a Spanish family. They had gotten a card from some other missionaries, but the missionaries didn't speak any Spanish so they weren't able to share anything with them. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon (unfortunately we didn't have a Book of Mormon in Spanish). Come to find out they live on the same street as Sister Armendariz back in Mexico! So she gave them her dads number so that they could meet with the missionaries there. We only had about 1 minute left and we were determined to place the Book of Mormon. So we talked to a family sitting down on a bench, well they were very agitated because so many missionaries have been talking to them. So we turned around and see two girls. We went up and talked, they didn't seem to interested at first. But then we started testifying about the Book of Mormon, and they asked how they could read it! Uhh... perfect. So we gave them our copy and went back to our group happily empty handed. It was so cool to not only experience the same thing as the district, but also to realize that the work is the same wherever we go. I have been pretty nervous for how different my outbound would be from Temple Square, but the work is exactly the same, just in a little bit different way.

On Thursday morning we got up early to go to transfer conference in the same chapel as on the district. (family, you really need to watch the district to see what my mission is like!) They call out each district, one by one. Well, we weren't called. So that means we were heading up to the transfer conference in Austin! We have 2 transfer conferences, in San Antonio, and in Austin. So that means my companion was in Austin. We drove up and met the other half of the TSAM. And I was put with my companion, Sister Simonsen. Can I just say how much I love my companion. From the moment I met her, she has always had a smile on her face. She is exactly obedient. She is a hard worker. She is an amazing teacher. She is a light in my life. I love my companion so much! I'm just sad that it is her last transfer, so we won't be together next transfer. But we also have a 'mini missionary' with us for a week. Her name is Sara Jones and she just graduated high school and is with us 24/7 for a week to see what a mission is like. She has been doing SO good! So it's been exciting. We are actually serving back down in San Antonio, so we came back down with the APs. We actually have 4 assistants in our mission, and one pair is serving in the same ward as me. They are awesome missionaries! And the other set of APs are in my stake. So we are all really close. But we got back around 7:00 that night and were starving. So we went to McDonalds. We doubled in the area (are both new to this area) so we don't know any of the recent converts, less actives, members or investigators in the area. So we decided we needed to start finding right away! We were talking to the cashier and gave her a card. She was so grateful and she wants to go to church! No matter where we are, Sister Simonsen always hands out pass along cards, and you'd be surprised at how well they work. That's one of the many things I have learned from her this week. 

Seeing as we were doubled in, we needed to meet a lot of people before churchthis Sunday. So we started with the less actives and part members. One of the people we tried to visit was named David. It took us awhile to find his apartment, but we finally did and knocked on the door. Well apparently David moved. So we started walking back to the car. But we made a decision that whenever the person doesn't answer the door, we'll knock on three more doors. We were almost back to our car when we remembered. So we chose a door and knocked. A guy answered and told us that he was about to leave, but if we wanted to see his grandpa, he would be home around 7. "Is your grandpa a member?" "Yeah I think so." Oh, what's his name?" "David"... . . . Seriously? It is the same David that we were coming to see, but he wasn't living in the same apartment. God knows each of us personally. And he works through his servants to help us on the right path. David has been needing help, but hasn't known where to turn. And God sent us. He sent us to find David. To help him to get back on the right path. No matter where we are, no matter how far off the path we may be, He will lead you back, if you let Him. Change is hard, but He has given us the tools to return back to Him with eternal happiness. This Gospel is true, and it is what brings happiness in a world of darkness. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and to be able to proclaim that to the world. There is nothing greater than being a missionary. 

I absolutely love it here in the TSAM. I never want to leave! Hope you all have an amazing week. 

Sister Brock

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