Monday, August 11, 2014

I broke the word of wisdom... (transfer 7 week 5)

Hello friends and family,

Yes. I broke the word of wisdom. As described on, "The Word of Wisdom prohibits the drinking of alcohol, coffee and tea, and the use of tobacco. It also implies that we not use illegal drugs or abuse prescription drugs. The Word of Wisdom also encourages us to eat plenty of the fruits and vegetables that are in season, plenty of grains and a moderate amount of meat." I was doing so good, up until the last part. Eating moderate amount of meat... this week Sister Rangel and I went to Tucano's. A Brazilian BBQ, with endless Brazilian meat. So, we feasted. But can I say, I found my new favorite restaurant! There you have a wooden thingy on the table that is green on one side, and red on the other. So if you have it on green, they keep bringing you meat. But red means you are taking a breather. Well, lets just say I never turned it to red. It was the absolute best thing I have ever tasted! And I even fell in love with grilled chicken heart. Yes. An actual chicken heart. It's delicious, trust me. But that wasn't even the highlight of the week!
This week we had 2 fun activities. We went to the farm last P-day for our zone activity, and we milked cows and went on a wagon ride. Exciting stuff for missionaries! Then this last Thursday was Pioneer day; which apparently is a pretty big thing here in Utah. I remember last year I was here around this time at my Aunt's house, and there were a bunch of fireworks for no reason, or so I thought. Pioneer day is bigger here than the 4th of July is! So there was a 3 hour parade that we got lucky enough to watch. Somehow Sister Rangel got to a roped off area where they kept filming us. So if you watched the parade, look for us! President Monson was even in the parade and waved at us!
But one of my favorite parts of the week was just yesterday in the Beehive house. There was a sweet family that came through. The parents must not have been older than 25 years old, and they had one son named Nate who was 4. And Nate was in a wheelchair because he has muscular dystrophy, and he also has tubes in his throat for breathing and eating. But this family is one of the most adorable families I've ever seen. Nate is so gentle and loving. There are a few stairs in the house, and he asked "Sister, will you help my dad lift me up so I can see the prophet's house?" Everything he said touched my heart. I never want that tour to end! The way they interacted with each other; the love and the kindness that they showed each other. What an example to me! Throughout my life, I have always had a connection with those who were handicapped. And I had always been nervous that it was because God was preparing me for children who might be handicapped. But because of this amazing family, I don't fear it anymore. Because I know how much it would be a privilege for me and my family. My family would get to learn patience and love in a way that we wouldn't otherwise. Whatever God's plan for me is, I greet it with open arms.
I love you all and hope you have a spectacular week full of God's love.

Sister Brock

P.s. This week we will find out if I go outbound!

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